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Mechanical Supply Center

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Mechanical Supply Center

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About Us

Mechanical Supply Center is a full-service tools and equipment dealership and one of the key players in the middle east and north Africa region. Since 1948, our experience has enabled us to understand the requirements of markets and construct expert opinion on the needs of the customers. Being the representatives and agents of large number of players has allowed us to become the link between local markets and external entities.

Mission & Vission

Seeking to become market leaders for industrial equipment in the middle east and north Africa region by offering our customers with the finest and widest range of products. Provide professionals with the necessary end to end equipment to build the infrastructures of the future

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Our History

  1. 1948

    Mechanical Supply Center was created, by the founder Sanos Sanossian Senior

  2. 1970

    Entered the B2B market of the Middle East

  3. 1990

    Became the official agents of numerous brands in MENA Region

  4. 1993

    Established our own brand and line of products JESAN #1

  5. 2003

    Added a new department which is importing automatic olive oil extracting line in the MENA region

  6. 2004

    Became the main agents of PIERALISI

  7. 2007

    Became the main agents of Flottweg

  8. 2012

    Established our main headquarteres in Lebanon by aquiring offices and showrooms

  9. 2013

    Created a partnership with DKK & JESAN in the automotive oil fluids industry headquartered in Lebanon and exporting to the MENA region.

  10. 2017

    Became part of Sanossian Group


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Address: P5-ELOB Office
Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah

Address: Ground Flr. Dora Highway, Metn, Lebanon
Phone/Fax: 00961 1 269 555/444/333